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As your company grows, you want to ensure that your customers and clients get excellent customer service. The challenge is that you don’t have the means or bodies to create your in-house customer service team. Perhaps you’re considering an outsourced solution as an option but don’t know the difference between a contact center vs. call center. 

Today, I’ll answer the contact center vs. call center question, so as you research outsourcing solutions, you’ll have a foundation to help determine the best fit for your company.

Contact Center vs. Call Center Explained

At its core, a call center is just that—a place that services inbound and outbound calls from customers. Traditionally, a call center agent are customer service representatives who handle customer inquires and other customer related functions. The call center is one component of a contact center. 

A contact center is where agents support, communicate, and engage with customers clients in various channels like web, chat, email, social media, etc. Contact centers are designed around the understanding that customers expect fast responses and personalized interactions from the channel of their choice. This scenario is often referred to as omnichannel.

It’s also worth mentioning that the terms call center, contact center, business process outsourcing (BPO), and omnichannel are often used interchangeably these days.

Contact Center vs. Call Center: It’s About the Needs

Determining your company’s needs and objectives will help narrow down which type of center you should choose. 

Here are some common scenarios to help with your selection:

1. My company mainly needs more support to answer inbound callsChoose a call center.

If your company doesn’t offer chat/email or want your internal team to handle the communication, it’s unnecessary to have an outsourced team specializing in omnichannel. 

Think of it this way; a call center offers a more traditional customer service experience. Therefore, there isn’t a need for hiring customer service representatives (CSR) to manage multiple communication mediums. Additionally, there are fewer expenses such as IT support, advanced analytics, and additional compliance training.

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