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Review the Evidence 

The questions you ask and the answers you receive will undoubtedly provide you with a great foundation to understand if you are heading in the right direction to selecting the right inbound and outbound call center partner.  

That said, one of the most critical components to selecting the right partner is meeting the team, managers, and agents to see the call center’s culture live and in person.  

By visiting, you will know, very quickly, the type of culture the call center has and how that culture/team aligns with your organizational goals.  

Performing a virtual or in-person tour of the call center’s location will allow you to solidify the evidence you’ve received in your due diligence process to ensure what was shared with you aligns with what is being done. 

You’ll get a first-hand look at what types of programs are running, how the supervisors/management interacts with the team, what KPIs are monitored and what levers the team’s pull to drive those metrics.  

You’ll see how the team is motivated, what the energy is like and if the culture resonates throughout the team. One day spent in a call center is worth more than 10 calls on the phone.  

Pro Tip: Spend as much time speaking with various front-line agents as possible. These will be the people representing your organization and will give you a solid understanding of how they will treat your current or prospective customers.  

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