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Transmission/The Send-Off

Some clients may be very specific in how they want to receive their data, but for those that aren’t, it’s up to you to make sure it’s sent in its finest form. After all, this is your last stop on the data train.

First, find out what the deadline is for the data and allow enough time so that you are not late sending it off.

Now, for the most important rule of thumb, focus on quality over quickness. This is very important to remember. What’s worse than late data? Inaccurate data is worse, because you’ve let the quality be compromised by speed.

If you foresee that you are not going to hit a deadline, let communication be your friend. Send a quick email letting your client know you’re going to be late and give them an ETA of the data, and be truthful in it.

Do not say you will send it in 30 minutes if you know it’s going to take you an hour. Give yourself enough time to assess the data thoroughly.

Next, you’ll need to know how to transmit data. Some clients prefer email, and this is acceptable for most telemarketing data. However, if the data contains sensitive information, it’s very important to post it to a secure FTP site or transmit it in another secure form.

Send Notification of the Data You’re Delivering

Once the data has been sent, it’s a good idea to send some type of notification of what you’re delivering, whether it be in a transmittal document or just embedded in the email.

These three pieces of information are essential in the notification.

  1. Stating the type of data (sales, finalized records, do not calls, etc.)
  2. The date(s) of the records in the data
  3. The number of records being transmitted

This will give the end-user a way to verify they have received all the data.

As I’ve mentioned before there are many ways to format, manipulate, and send telemarketing data, but the basic concept is all the same. Giving the client what they want in the way they want it is key. If you follow the three steps I outlined above, you will be on the right track.

Do take pride in what you’re doing. Sending good quality data is not only a reflection on the company, but a reflection of yourself.

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