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Maintaining a good phone reputation has become increasingly critical as more people use call-blocking apps. Now that major carriers and the FTC have started implementing STIR/SHAKEN, the importance of good phone number reputations has grown even more.

These changes don’t have to damage your business’s outbound calling. Knowing how to maintain an excellent phone number reputation creates opportunities for success.

The Benefits of Good Phone Number Reputation

A positive phone number reputation can help your outbound dialing campaigns reach more people. Consumers already feel wary about answering calls from unknown numbers. They have been annoyed and damaged by scams and robocalls so much that they don’t want to click the “answer” button. When you keep that in mind, the benefits of having a good phone number start to become obvious.

The Power of Caller ID

The vast majority of people (about 90%) screen their phone calls. Smartphones make it easy with built-in caller ID features. Those built-in features can also help you reach your contacts.

When you register your business’s phone numbers CNAM data, many caller IDs will display your company’s name. That small piece of information makes it more likely that people will answer your calls.

You can make consumers feel even more comfortable answering your calls by signing up for enhanced caller ID. Enhanced caller ID can display several important pieces of information, such as your company’s logo and the department placing the call.

The average person is much more likely to answer a call when they see that a specific department within your company wants to talk to them. The more information you provide, the less possible it seems that the call is a potential scam.

What Causes Bad Reputations and Flags?

Flags and negative phone number reputations come from multiple sources. For example, many call-blocking apps rely on users to report troublesome numbers. Once enough people report your number, the app will flag your number. In some cases, the app might stop your call from connecting with the consumer.

Knowing how to defend your phone numbers from bad reputations and flags can make your outreach campaigns more successful.

Carrier Phone Number Flags

Carriers monitor call analytics so they can identify potential threats and protect their customers. They often pay close attention to the number of calls a number makes within a given time. Placing more than 100 calls from the same number within 24 hours will probably get that number flagged by carriers. The carriers know that a human cannot place that many calls per day, so they assume that software is making the calls.

Since that looks suspicious to carriers and consumers, the companies will often add a flag or intent label to the number. Flags might say “potential spam” or “scam likely.” Anything even slightly negative will prevent consumers from answering your calls.

Consumer Phone Number Flags

Call-blocking apps provide a great service to people who want to protect themselves from scams and spam. Most apps rely on users to provide feedback. After enough reports, the app can apply a flag or intent label to your number.

Usually, people do a good job of reporting phone numbers that bother them. Since the apps don’t take action until they receive a high number of complaints, legitimate numbers don’t usually get blocked. It does happen, though. If enough frustrated people report your number simply because they do not know it, you will get flagged, labeled or blocked.

How To Avoid Phone Number Flags

A good phone number reputation starts with following ethical dialing practices. Complying with federal and industry regulations will help you protect your number’s reputation. You might need to go a little further than compliance, though.

Some of the most effective things you can do to avoid phone number flags and maintain a good phone number reputation include:

  • Knowing and following all of your industry’s regulations.
  • Registering your CNAM data with carriers.
  • Using scrubbed lead lists that you got from legitimate sources.
  • Scanning your lead lists for numbers of the federal Do Not Call list and your internal list.
  • Training agents to show empathy during calls.
  • Configuring dialing architecture correctly so your activities do not look suspicious to carriers.
  • Limiting the number of outbound calls placed from a single number (that typically means no more than 100 calls per number per day).

Unfortunately, following these tips cannot ensure that your phone numbers have good reputations. You can make it less likely that they will get flagged or labeled, but you need ongoing monitoring to know your phone numbers have positive reputations.

Why You Should Manage Your Phone Numbers’ Reputations

Mitigation is an important part of phone number reputation management. Proactively monitoring reputations, however, gives you the certainty you need during outbound dialing campaigns.

Phone number monitoring can let you know when one of your numbers gets flagged. Monitoring can also alert you when someone spoofs your number and uses it to commit crimes. You can even use number monitoring to improve your dialing strategy.

Additionally, you should make sure your numbers have the correct information for caller ID. Caller ID can play a role in your branding strategy, which will help you reach more of your contacts. Incorrect caller ID data, however, could lead to more flags and labels that make it harder for you to reach your customers. You might see your answer rate and retention rate plummet.

If you monitor your phone number reputations, you don’t have to worry about negative flags and labels hurting your image.

Monitor, Manage and Mitigate Flags

Every organization that places outgoing calls needs to stay vigilant and maintain a positive phone number reputation. Monitoring, managing and mitigating phone number flags will give you the best chances of reaching your leads and customers.

Make sure you:

  • Monitor all of your numbers for flags.
  • Manage your numbers to keep their reputations positive.
  • Mitigate flags through ethical dialing practices.

ABM Desk makes monitoring and management easier than ever. The platform uses real mobile devices to check your phone numbers for flags and labels that could damage your reputation and offers features that show you what’s displayed to your customers when you call.

ABM Desk will also alert you to potential flags. It’s always a good idea to actively monitor your numbers, but it certainly helps to receive automatic warnings when flags look likely.

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