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Branding is essential to your business identity. Consumers prefer to do business with companies that have a good reputation, and just one misstep can spell disaster for your reputation. As such, it’s imperative that you build and maintain your good brand reputation in order to acquire and retain customers. One thing that many businesses overlook, however, is the power of phone number reputation on their branding.

Importance of Brand Reputation

Branding builds a number of key benefits for your business, such as:

  • Consumer trust
  • Customer loyalty
  • Word of mouth
  • Market credibility
  • Employee morale

More competition within industries means having an impeccable brand reputation that helps set your business apart.

Evolution of Branding

Over the past 10 years or so, technology has changed how consumers see brands — every single detail is available at the touch of a finger. Mobile devices, social media, and great digital marketing have made lives simpler but not without some disadvantages.

It used to be that the only experiences customers had were in-store. Today, consumers have the ability to search for what they want or need and, in some cases, have it delivered to their doorstep within an hour. That isn’t much time to make a great impression, especially if this is your first time in front of the eyes of consumers.

But why is reputation such an important matter? Why is it just as important as your bottom line? On the surface, your reputation is your bottom line. Your brand’s reputation is inextricably linked with your underlying mission and purpose.

5 Components of a Successful Brand

Your brand is part of your outreach strategy. It determines how consumers and industry partners perceive your company in your industry’s ecosystem. There are 5 key roles your brand should seek to achieve.

  • Identity: Brand identity is the first thing you think of in branding. This typically involves logos, websites, business cards and other visual design elements.
  • Promise: How your company promises to interact with its customer base.
  • Assets: What value your company brings to the market and its consumers.
  • Perception: How consumers view the overall experience with your company.
  • Community: The impact and experiences your company offers to customers and consumers.

So, let’s examine this — brands are powerful. They generate buzz and value for the companies they represent and for the consumers who love them. Because a brand can serve a variety of roles, “brand” can be defined as:

  • A combination of names, symbols, terms, or designs that are immediately recognizable and help consumers choose where to do business.
  • The promise a company offers to those who purchase its goods.
  • A reputational asset that can command higher prices commensurate with customer preference.
  • All of the perceptions that consumers have regarding how they see a company.
  • A unique positioning in the consumer’s mind created by all past experiences and future expectations.

All of the above is what makes one company’s shoes different from another company’s shoes. These elements work in concert as a stimulus causing an individual to freely associate every other thought or idea they have had about a brand. While there are many facets to a successful brand, phone number reputation is one that’s often overlooked.

How Your Caller ID Can Damage Your Reputation

Customers expect your company to be reliable. This means you should be able to reach them when you’re calling about something important. However, in modern outbound dialing, that simple promise can be a challenge. Increasingly, legitimate businesses are reporting flagged, blocked, or dropped calls when trying to reach existing customers. This problem is further exacerbated when your business is conducting outreach to acquire new customers.

Consumers are wary and are unlikely to answer calls from numbers they don’t know, making it nearly impossible to reach new prospects if your caller ID is showing “Scam Likely” or “Spam Risk.” Your caller ID is the first impression some consumers may have with your brand, and without this, your business will be left behind.

Caller ID labels that tend to discourage a consumer from tapping that Answer button include:

  • Fraud risk
  • Nuisance caller
  • Spam risk
  • Scam likely

If any of your current phone numbers have these flags, it’s time to swap out your numbers or purchase new phone numbers.

How to Maintain Your Phone Number Reputation

With a bad caller ID, your business will suffer. However, there are steps you can take to maintain and promote your phone numbers’ reputation. Actively monitoring your outbound phone number reputation is essential for contact centers.

Purchase Numbers From Trusted Sources

Phone number recycling is common in outbound dialing. When you purchase new numbers in your campaign, you don’t always know if and how they were used in the past. Working with trusted sellers can alleviate some of these concerns for your business.

The FCC regulates phone number recycling, which is a standard practice in telecommunications. There are only so many ways 10 digits can be varied, so carriers purchase phone numbers to assign to subscribers. If no additional blocks are available, expansion would be capped. Can you imagine if standard phone numbers suddenly became 11 or more digits?

To ensure current phone number life can be prolonged, carriers reassign numbers or recycle them when a phone number’s subscriber is disconnected or stops using the number. But this creates number vulnerability — not the least of which is phone number hijacking.

CNAM Registration

Registering your numbers with carriers is the first step to building trust in your phone numbers.

Your CNAM, or caller ID name, is displayed whenever your phone number calls another. Registering your CNAM with your carrier or provider ensures your caller ID information shows up on the called device as you intend it to.

Enhanced Caller ID

As new smartphones develop better systems to display caller ID information, enhanced caller ID services can help your business. This allows you to add additional visual branding elements to your caller ID, such as

  • Your company logo
  • Your company name
  • Even the specific department name

While these can provide several benefits, they are not always accurate across carriers and devices. However, it’s a good option to consider when you contemplate adding your phone number branding to your outbound calls.

Ethical Dialing Practices

Companies can no longer rely on playing a numbers game with reaching prospects. In the past, cold calling tactics were to simply reach as many customers as possible throughout the day. But this practice left many consumers frustrated and not wanting to answer unknown calls.

Instead, your business should seek to target your demographics with strategic calls. Agents should practice empathy when speaking with customers. Managers should prune lists appropriately. And above all else, you should always abide by compliance regulations.

Ethical dialing practices include:

  • Using legitimate lead lists
  • Registering your CNAM data for enhanced caller ID information
  • Using the right dialing architecture
  • Proper agent training
  • Following compliance regulations

These factors all tie into ethical dialing practices. As more businesses abide by these practices, consumers can feel more trusting in receiving calls.

Working With Trusted Partners

Your software and industry partners are vital in your brand’s perception as well. The software, technology, and third-party partners should be trusted sources. For example, Twilio recently announced they have achieved full compliance with STIR/SHAKEN protocols.

As a major cloud communication company, this helps build their brand reputation. Partnering with Twilio, in turn, can help your managers and agents fulfill their duties while remaining in compliance with STIR/SHAKEN. It can also put your customers at ease while ensuring your own brand’s ethics and reputation.

There aren’t many businesses that don’t rely on third-party software solutions to conduct their day-to-day business, and it’s essential to have trust in these partnerships for your brand reputation.

Monitoring Your Phone Numbers

Preventative measures can only go so far, so it’s important to remain vigilant. Stay on top of your business’s reputation by actively monitoring your phone numbers. This can help ensure they’re not damaging your business without your knowledge.

Scan your numbers regularly for flags, intent labels, and attestation rating. Keeping your phone numbers healthy helps ensure your brand’s reputation doesn’t get tarnished.

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