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When you run outbound dialing campaigns, your phone numbers are one of your agents’ most crucial tools. Your company’s caller IDs are the first thing that potential customers see, and they can reveal a lot about your business. Thus, phone number management is essential in modern dialing campaigns.

If your numbers register as unknown or are flagged, consumers are unlikely to answer, especially since they’ve been receiving so many robocalls in recent months. Potential customers are extremely wary about what calls they answer, so your contact center’s phone number management is vital to its success. 

Fortunately, you can take a number of proactive steps to manage your phone numbers and the impression they leave on call recipients. Below are some of the best practices for managing your phone numbers and having a successful calling campaign. 

Purchase Additional Phone Numbers

A successful outbound calling campaign requires purchasing enough phone numbers to avoid flagging complications. When buying numbers, you need to estimate how many numbers your campaign needs and then purchase a few extra. For high-volume campaigns, you should take into account how many calls your agents will place a day.

Your agents should not use a unique number more than 100 times per day, otherwise, carriers may notice and flag it as possible spam. Consumers may also complain of receiving unwanted calls. You need to have enough phone numbers available so you can avoid these situations. 

Swap Out Your Numbers Frequently

For an outbound campaign, you need to have a system in place that allows you to swap out your agents’ numbers throughout each day. If you do not have this system in place, some of your agents can easily violate the 100-call threshold which often leads to a flagged number.

Your company’s reputation suffers every time you receive a spam label, so before you begin your campaign, make certain that you have enough numbers available. Then, monitor each number’s use during the day. Vigilance in this area will help keep your phone numbers “clean.” 

CNAM Registration

CNAM registration is another important step for call centers to take in order to be successful. Caller ID Name, or CNAM, identifies your business and affects how consumers view your company. Different phone carriers have different methods for CNAM registration, often relying on third-party companies to manage this task.

Whenever you purchase numbers for your business, you need to go through the registration process. Taking this step lends your calls legitimacy and helps ensure that you will get a higher answer rate than you would with unregistered numbers. The majority of consumers simply do not answer “unknown” or “spam” calls.

Retaining Old Phone Numbers

Although you need to buy new phone numbers at times, you also want to hang onto older phone numbers. Many contact centers relinquish old numbers when a campaign ends or carriers flag them. This practice leads to your company purchasing new numbers for the beginning of every campaign. Instead of following this bad practice, hold onto your old phone numbers.

When you own tried and true phone numbers, you can avoid purchasing numbers that have already been flagged. Sadly, some vendors sell these “bad” numbers, leaving you with an inconvenient and often expensive problem. 

Retaining phone numbers ensures that you are not purchasing some that may show as spam or fraud on consumers’ caller IDs. This strategy also saves you from registering new numbers’ CNAM data.

Retaining ownership of your old numbers helps safeguard your reputation as well because you won’t be surprised by unexpected flags. Often companies do not realize there is a problem until consumers and/or carriers complain. 

Strive for A-Attestation Rating

Working with trusted partners helps reinforce your phone number reputation as well. The rollout of STIR/SHAKEN legislation made call compliance essential.

To help guarantee successful call campaigns, contact centers should strive to have their calls rated with an A-Attestation. An A-Attestation rating means that the carrier can identify the caller and affirm their right to use the phone number. This ranking should raise your answer percentage. 

Your company’s attestation rating is determined by the quality of your service provide. Some contact centers, in an attempt to save costs, go with the cheapest service provider. They may employ tactics such as least call routing, a method that gives call centers the least expensive route for outbound calls.

Unfortunately, these routes sometimes offer a lower level of service. These choices can lower your call’s attestation rating. Working with a trusted service provider can help your calls reach your customers and maximize your attestation rating.

Engage in Ethical Dialing Practices

No legitimate call center can be careless with its operations. Abiding by ethical dialing practices helps maintain your phone number reputation and increase your sales. Following both compliance and ethical dialing practices can help prevent your phone numbers from being flagged by frustrated consumers.

For instance, use legitimate lead lists that contain true sales leads and not just random names that have shown no interest in your products or services. Also, invest in the right type of call architecture. Choose your autodialers carefully. A power dialer, for instance, can easily put your number over the daily 100-call limit and also lead to calls being placed with no representative on the line. 

Phone Number Monitoring

Constant phone number monitoring is a necessary practice to avoid problems with flags. By checking your numbers frequently, you will be able to catch any new flags right away.

If an app or carrier flags one of your numbers, pull it from your dialing list immediately. You may be able to use it again in the future if you allow it to “cool off.” After 60-90 days, some flags will disappear.

Remember, dialing with flagged numbers is worse than your number appearing as an “unknown caller.” Prospects may expect some legitimate calls will appear as unknown, but they are almost guaranteed not to answer flagged caller IDs.

Neglecting your phone number monitoring will negatively affect your sales and your company’s standing. You cannot afford to neglect this aspect of your business.

Phone Number Management Safeguards Your Reputation

In this period of increased call center regulation, phone number management is essential to your business. Flagged numbers can deflate your sales numbers quickly and for an extended period.

Be certain to create a comprehensive call management program that includes constant phone number monitoring. Your outbound sales campaigns need to be conducted with clean numbers and compliance in mind.

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