Business Call Center & Telemarketing Solutions for Your Company The ABM Desk team generated $5.1M in new business for our customer. Learn how we helped achieve this.

ABM Desk Case StudiesHere you can find some of our case studies related to our services. Feel free to read them and understand our working philosophy

B2B Membership Renewals & Reinstatements

Our customer came to reinstate lapsed members, and contact members approaching expiration.

B2B Lead Verification & Data Cleansing

Our customer came to us to help find, verify, and update thousands of outdated records. All with our consultations.

B2B Appointment Setting

The ABM Desk team set over 9,000 appointments within seven months! Learn how we aligned our solutions with our client's expectations.

B2B Lead Generation

The ABM Desk team generated over 95,000 qualified leads for our customer, and 95% of goals were attained since 2014.

B2C Appointment Setting

The ABM Desk team generated $5.1M in new business for our customer. Learn how we helped achieve this.

B2B Lead Generation

With our proven strategies, The ABM Desk team increased revenue by 23% and generated 10% more leads for our customer.

Inbound Customer Service

Learn how to achieve Service Level Adherence when seasonal demand is high, with ABM Desk help.

Outbound B2B Sales

Learn how the ABM Desk team achieved 200% of sales goal for a Medical and Pharmaceutical client.

B2B Membership Growth & Retention

Learn how the ABM Desk team can help you increase your membership growth.

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