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Many call centers have found staying compliant with STIR/SHAKEN while still maintaining a healthy bottom line challenging in recent years. Since the rollout of this legislation, businesses have been striving harder to ensure their calls are compliant, although following STIR/SHAKEN regulations can often seem confusing.

Staying compliant with these new regulations may be a bit difficult, but they offer a range of benefits that can boost your answer rates and improve your sales totals. Using Registered Caller™ can help you reap these benefits.

What is Registered Caller™?

Registered Caller™ is a registry offered by CTIA (an organization that advocates for the wireless industry) in partnership with Verizon and other carriers. Its goal is to create a low-cost centralized telephone registry to verify caller information for businesses.

The platform offers multiple benefits for your business, including

  • Supporting STIR/SHAKEN integration to improve call completion rates.
  • Creating a verified relationship between telephone numbers and various enterprises.
  • Providing the ability for easy bulk telephone uploads.
  • Providing a central platform that includes standardized data fields.

This technology gives an operational boost to call centers in the age of tougher regulation. 

What is the Centralized Telephone Registry?

Caller ID name or CNAM registration is now a major part of outbound dialing campaigns. To ensure higher call answer rates, you need to register your business numbers with CNAM registries. However, current CNAM databases vary depending on where you register your numbers.

Each carrier must check known CNAM databases for your caller ID information. This process can cause problems because it can be time-consuming, and your caller ID may appear differently on different databases.   

The Centralized Telephone Registry aims to fix this problem. Instead of registering your numbers with multiple databases, you can register them once. When CNAM data is in one place, carriers and service providers can access the same information more effectively. This means that consumers will receive consistent caller ID information from your numbers with less effort on your part. 

Challenges With Current Call Verification

Consumers are still being bombarded with robocalls, a total of approximately 48 billion in 2020. Of that number, around 45% are illegal robocalls. These annoying phone calls have led to 71% of consumers not answering their phones at all.

However, an astounding 95% claim they would answer calls they knew were from a legitimate source. That is why fixing caller ID issues is so important. 

Service providers such as Verizon and AT&T are working to fix this problem in partnership with iconectiv and CTIA. The effort to more easily and consistently verify call origins should maximize sales and minimize revenue losses due to business calls appearing as “unknown.” So far, Verizon has completed a proof of concept trial with its partners. These efforts are good news for the entire telecom industry.

What Does Registered Caller™ Do?

Registered Caller™ aims to tackle three aspects of the current telecom ecosystem. These improvements should make it so that legitimate businesses have an easier time getting in contact with consumers. In turn, consumers should feel more at ease answering calls from legitimate businesses. The three main areas of focus are:

1. Centralized CNAM Registration

A centralized CNAM registry will help terminating service providers display more accurate caller ID information for consumers. As it is now, multiple CNAM registries do not deliver the same Caller ID information. This registry can also help validate legitimate business phone numbers for carriers more efficiently.

2. Verified Calling Status

Having your calls display as “verified” is more important than ever for legitimate businesses, especially because consumers are so suspicious of unsolicited calls. Service providers and robocall mitigation companies will often show a checkmark next to a phone number that has been verified. Without that checkmark, your company is at a serious disadvantage and will suffer from low call answering rates.

Using a centralized database will help legitimate businesses appear as “verified” calls across all service providers, reassuring potential leads that your company is legitimate.

3. Attestation Elevation

A call’s attestation rating has become essential to a successful outbound calling campaign since the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN. This rating measures how trusted the call’s origination is during the authentication process. Registered Caller™ seeks to provide “attestation elevation” for telephone numbers that are registered in the centralized database. 

This program can essentially elevate a B-Level Attestation rating to an A-Level Attestation rating even if the telephone numbers are not owned by the originating service providers. Plus, enterprises do not need to change their hardware or software to use the registry.

Furthermore, originating service providers only need to connect to the registry to get all the data they need to verify the call. The verification process becomes simple and much more business-friendly when companies use Registered Caller. 

Emphasis on Caller ID Accuracy

Registered Caller™ is the answer to many call centers’ concerns caused by STIR/SHAKEN legislation. All marketing companies want to see the elimination of illegal robocalls, but they do not want to be unfairly labeled as robocall companies. The wrong information or an “unknown” caller listing harms your operations.

This program helps ensure that legitimate businesses have their caller IDs display accurate and consistent CNAM information. Correct call identifiers will lead to these businesses raising their attestation ratings while upping their call completion numbers. Plus, the process is simple and fair. Registered Caller™ is a great step toward correcting current call campaign problems. 

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