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Do you provide your customers the ability to communicate via phone, email, text, and chat? If you said yes, that’s awesome, but does that mean you have completed your omnichannel strategy? The answer is no.


Understanding Omnichannel Communication


If you are only providing these various communication channels without the ability for your customers to move, communicate or buy without starting from scratch seamlessly, you are just giving multi-channel.


However, this is convenient for your customers; it doesn’t provide the best user experience and is not genuinely omnichannel.


Omnichannel looks to take the various communication channels to the highest level by creating synergy amongst the systems. You do this by integrating back-end processes and technology to allow data to flow seamlessly from one channel to the next without needing to start over.




For instance, if your customer begins to place an order online, exits the website, and decides to call customer service, a truly omnichannel strategy will allow the information input into the website to be visible to the customer service agent.


This provides a seamless experience for the customer and makes the job of your customer service agent much easier.

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