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Many call centers have transitioned to a working from home model. As a result, call center leaders appreciate the change as much as their team members do. Working from home increases flexibility, which is a win for both employees and employers. Employees enjoy eliminating the daily commute, that the dress code is more relaxed, and they can grab a drink from the convenience of their kitchen.  

Working from home isn’t without challenges. Here are seven best practices to set yourself up for success in a work from home environment. 

1.Create a dedicated space

 You must have a specific workspace devoted to working from home during business hours, even if it’s just a corner in your room. 

Decorate it, so it’s welcoming and enjoyable to work in for extended periods. Consider placing pictures of family or friends on your desk, along with a plant or fresh flowers each week. The key is to make it personal.  

2.Have a routine

 It is very easy to consume yourself at work and forget to look at the time. Stick with the hours of operations assigned to you. Take regular breaks and remember that balancing work and your personal life is essential. 

3.Move your body:

Get up and move! Your body likes to stretch and move. During breaks, take a stroll around the block for fresh air, walk around the house, climb a flight of stairs or two, or step outside to check the mail. 

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4.Set guidelines for the household:

One of the many benefits of working from home is being closer to family. It can also be a considerable disadvantage. 

Setting the boundaries with the household is critical for working from home. It allows you to get your job done with as little distraction as possible. For example, if you know your children come home from school at a specific time, consider scheduling breaks around that time so you can help minimize potential distractions.  

5.Get supplies:

Your company may provide all of the essentials required for working from home. Additionally, there may be items you may want to enhance your working at home experience. 

The right things that may make a difference will be an extra monitor, web camera, supportive chair, wireless mouse, earbuds, additional lighting, drink coasters, tissues, notebooks, pens, or sticky notes.   

6.Actively Engage in Remote Meetings:

Call center leaders understand the importance of bridging the gap from an in-office to a remote setting. As a result, call center teams engage virtually in regular team meetings and team-building activities. 

Participating in meetings helps build camaraderie with the team and leadership, even when not in person.  

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