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7 Metrics to Evaluate Performance in an Outbound Call Center

1. First Call Close

This metric is probably one of the most valuable to track for many organizations.

If an agent gets a potential customer on the phone, this is the best time to close the deal. A callback can have very low performing metrics and can be a waste of resources.

2. Conversion Rate

This is the percentage of calls that resulted in what is considered a success for the program.

Success can be defined as the number of sales, the number of appointments, or perhaps surveys completed. It depends on what the overall goal is of the program in the outbound call center.

3. Calls per Agent

This metric tracks the efficiency of each agent.

Agents need to be motivated to make calls. If they are not, this can severely lower success rates.

It is imperative that agents understand the expectations of how many calls they should be making. Dialing strategies can drastically improve this metric. Dials per hour is a factor you need to watch closely.

4. Contacts per Hour

This metric tracks the number of calls and whether a connection was made each hour. Did we speak with a potential customer?

5. Average Call Length

This metric is useful for fine-tuning and adjusting the presentation and wrap-up. Sales conversations that take too long can reduce success by the customers losing interest and hanging up.

Are the agents taking too long to wrap up their calls (e.g., taking notes, selecting a disposition, or just wasting time)? This time will affect not only their average call length but will also go hand in hand with calls per agent and per hour.

6. List Conversion

List conversion measures the number of prospects that closed as a success in comparison to the total number of potential prospects.

A low conversion rate indicates possible problems with the calling list. These are things such as potential bad numbers, wrong numbers, disconnected numbers, and improper inclusion of “do not call” numbers.

7. Call Quality

We use call quality for outbound call center teams to provide insight into how the agents are performing. It is also a way to give feedback to clients.

Call quality is simply a scoring system based on an audit of calls to ensure the agents are following what’s asked of them.

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