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Is your team struggling to hit their goals? Are they overwhelmed? Do you have trouble hiring/retaining employees? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. However, there is a solution…hire a contact center!

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released a report showing that the number of people who quit their jobs in the U.S. increased to a series high of 4.4 million in September. As a result, the workforce is full of overwhelmed employees with the inability to hit company goals. 

If you haven’t already considered outsourcing your contact center, do yourself a favor and invest in an early holiday gift….the gift of research. It’s incredible what a little research can help you find the right contact center to support your business objectives.

In the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a little tune you’re likely familiar with that will help explain why you should hire a contact center like ABM Desk. 

A Contact Center is a Gift That Keeps On Giving

On the twelfth day of calling, my contact center gave to me: 

12 Leaders Clapping! 

11 Goals a’ Hitting!

10 Closers Closing!

Prospects a’ Plenty!

Teams a’ Scaling!

Techs a’ Coding!

Reports Reporting!



Huge Sales!

2 Q.A. Forms!, and

An Ama-zing ABM Desk Team!!!!!!!

Now that you’ll be whistling this tune all day (you’re welcome), let’s dive into the 12 reasons you should hire and contact center and how they’ll help. 

1. Increase Quality Control: A good contact center partner will provide a team of quality assurance managers solely dedicated to making sure all your customer interactions are top-notch. 

2. Increase Coverage Hours: Contact centers have the staff and technology to run 24/7/365. These additional coverage hours can help you reduce backlogs in customer issues, chats, and emails. 

3. Improve Data Analytics: Contact centers invest heavily in data analytics & reporting. With never-before-seen data points and trends, many clients can make informed decisions to increase productivity, save money, and change processes. 

4. Increased Pipeline: Salespeople hate prospecting, but they love closing deals. Contact centers are a great resource when you want to fill your sales team’s funnel quickly with highly qualified leads. 

5. Reduce Costs: When you hire a contact center, you can eliminate a lot of business costs such as facility expenses, overhead, benefits, and technology licensing to name a few. 

6. Scale: Call centers provide the ability to scale quickly. ABM Desk has over 20 locations in the U.S. that allow us to grow the team quickly and efficiently. In addition, these teams build a champion vs. challenger atmosphere that fosters healthy competition and increased results. 

7. Free up Bandwidth: The inability to hire and retain employees has left the current workforce with additional duties overwhelming them. This extra workload takes away time from important tasks that generate revenue and can create burnout. 

Hiring a contact center to handle these additional tasks will allow your team to focus on high-priority items that will positively impact your business. 

8. Improve Customer Experience: Experienced and trained contact center know how to handle the most complex customer service issues. Rely on their expertise to improve your customer experience and engagement.  

9. Test New Initiatives: Contact centers are great for testing new business concepts and offers with customers. 

10. Increased Feedback: Contact centers are great for gathering immediate feedback from your customers. Because phone calls have a more personal touch, customers are quick to offer their feedback to make informed business decisions on change. 

11. Hit Your Goals: Contact centers are goal-driven. Whether it’s filling the sales pipeline for your team, increasing market share, sales, or customer engagement, contact centers exist to help clients meet their goals. 

12. Reduce Stress: Filling employee gaps, testing new initiatives, lightening the workload on your employees, increasing revenue, and hitting your goals are just some of the fantastic and rewarding benefits that contact centers provide. 

Use this checklist to hire a contact center to reduce your stress now and throughout the new year. 

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